Annotated Bibliography One



“AIDS Healthcare Foundation.” AIDS Healthcare Foundation,


The author of this website is the Aids Healthcare foundation. This foundation is dedicated to medicine and advocacy of HIV/Aids and is the largest provider of HIV medical care in the United States.

The website offers images, stats, facts, and articles of evidence all regarding the issue of HIV/Aids in the United States and 38 other countries.

The purpose of the source is to provide information and assistance to those affected by the disease. It inspires people with the disease that there is help and care out there to live with AIDS and survive the struggles that come along with it.

The audience includes those affected, advocates, philanthropists, researchers, and others interested in AIDS campaign around the world.

This information is useful to those affected by the disease, researchers, medical professionals, HIV advocates, and people close to those affected by the disease.


This source is closely related to my artifact as it has greatly to do with AIDS and advocacy to prevent the contraction of AIDS. It provides information on Medicine and prevention of HIV around the world, all 39 countries that the foundation has served.


“Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS | Broadway Cares.” Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS – Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS,


The author of this website is the Broadway Cares/ Equity Fights Aids group. Their mission is to mitigate the suffering caused by aids.

The website offers many types of evidence including images, ways to donate, upcoming events, information on programs, grants, etc.

The author made this site to help mitigate the suffering of aids, promote the campaign the help mitigate that suffering, give ways to donate, learn, and help those families affected by the disease.

Those interested in the campaign against suffering caused by AIDS, actors, those looking for a grant, researchers, and philanthropy purposes are all audience for the website.

Philanthropic purposes, those on Broadway affected by aids, and others affected by the disease  could all use this information for research, betterment of treatment, studies of how aids affects people, etc are all good uses for this source.


This source connects with my artifact in a very special way. Tom Bade himself used the resources of the Broadway Cares/ Equity Fights Aids campaign, and was an active member in helping it succeed. Tom himself was a big fan of the support given to him by the Broadway cares foundation and it is referenced in the letter written by his best friend.


“GMHC | Homepage.” GMHC – Fight Aids. Love Life.,


GMHC made this site to be the leading provider of AIDS prevention, care and advocacy.

This site provides services for those that are affected or could possibly be affected by HIV, images, phone numbers, and informational pages for those that need them on AIDS.

The author made this source to advocate for the end of aids, help prevent AIDS, for philanthropic purposes, and to serve those affected by the disease in many different ways.

The audience for this site is those affected by the disease, those who are advocating for the end of the disease, researchers of the disease, and others concerned with the well-being of those affected by the disease.

This information is useful for those affected by HIV, those with Philanthropic interests, the community surrounding those affected by this disease, those with interest in how AIDS affects everyday life, and those looking to prevent the contraction of HIV.


This source is also very closely related to my artifact as it is personally referred to in Tom’s letter for The Names Project. G.M.H.C was important to Tom throughout his struggle with AIDS and he was a supporter of the campaign.






The Names Project,


Website made by Yasir Lateef, contributor to the The Names Project.

This website has many functions, mostly to see images of the quilt and to help those who lost loved ones to AIDS memorialize their loved ones.

Yasir Lateef intended this website to memorialize and spread the word of AIDS, and to memorialize those that have been lost to AIDS.

The audience consists of loved ones to those being memorialized, those interested in spreading the word of the issue that is AIDS, and professional use, such as for students or historians.

Those that are interested in the loved ones being memorialized, researchers and historians, all might use this information. Studies, reports, movies, interview’s, and memorialization.


This source is crucial in connecting my artifact to the greater issue of aids worldwide and memorializing those who lost loved ones. The names project sheds light on the issue that is AIDs, and gives family members and those who loved the ones affected by AIDS an outlet for grieving.



“Tom Bade.” Received by The Names Project, 26 Dec. 2005, Manhattan, New York.


This letter was written by Tom Bades best friend in memorial for The Names Project.

The evidence given in this letter stems from personal experiences with Tom and knowledge of his life and loves. It gives stories and insight into Tom’s life and serves as a great tool for research and information.

The purpose of the source is to memorialize Tom Bade and give background information on his life and the contents of his life, as well as to explain his panel more in depth and the reasoning behind certain aspects of the panel.

Those that are interested in the panel, whether it be those close to him or researchers, would be interested in reading this letter. It clears up some questions that the panel brings up, as well as gives extra insight to the life of Tom Bade. Researchers, loved ones, and those interested in the issue of AIDS could all be the audience of this text.

Workers for The Names Project, researchers, those interested in the affect aids had on people, and even philanthropic organizations would all be interested in the affect that Tom Bade had on his life and those around him.


This source is probably the closest connection to my artifact that I have. A letter from the best friend of Tom is crucial to gaining insight on his life and the things that he did throughout the course of his life. It could be used in biographies, studies, and memorialization for The Names Project.







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