1/26 Class Activity

The object John gave me was a black bound book, looking like it is heavily used. The cardboard on the sides sticks out of the black bounding, curling up at the edges. The binding on the side of the book is partially torn from overuse, and where the black binding tore off the white book cover under holds the book together. The first few pages are stuck together and wrinkled, first pages are curled up into the book making them look smaller and giving the book no over page. The all black front of the book is faded in spots and white in spots, from where people have picked it up over time. On the back cover there are tiny sketches revealing to me that its a sketch book. Cardboard is curled and peeling out of the bottom left corner of the black cover, and the binding on top and bottom of the side is frayed.

The book is used to express and put ideas down, and for stress relief.

The object is only used about twice a month.

Favorite time to sketch is late at night.

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