Primary and Secondary Research Descrpiton

Primary research is research you conduct first hand to study or learn something new about whatever it is that you are researching. Secondary research involves looking through research that previously existed. Primary research will be the primary form of research being conducted in my research of Tom Bado’s panel, as I am working firsthand with the quilt and making my own recordings and observations. ¬†Although my primary research will be the main way I delve into my panel, I will also be using secondary sources to help understand my primary research more. These secondary sources will give me information regarding aids, different happenings at the time of toms life, information on air travel at the time in history, etc. I am looking into getting a few more primary resources rather than just the panel to help further my research and knowledge of Tom Bado. These other primary sources will include letters, documents, pictures, and other first hand documentation of Tom’s time on this earth and the activities that he chose to partake in. Once I have acquired these primary sources, I will use secondary sources to further my knowledge of the topic and come to a greater understanding of the primary information that I record. Although primary and secondary sources are different ways to gather information, alot of ¬†times to learn the most possible about a topic, you must combine the use of both primary and secondary resources and use the information together to draw the best conclusions from your research.

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