The Quilt

The Quilt displays names of those that died to HIV/AIDS. It represents pain and suffering for many families and individuals, and is also there to serve as a reminder and a way to raise money for the cause. The quilt could be seen as a metaphor as it is traditionally made up of 3 separate layers. The first layer, could represent one member with AIDS, the bedding could represent the transfer of the disease, and the third could represent the other person that the aids is being transferred to. This coming together as a large quilt represents how the disease spreads, how all the names on the quilt are related with this terrible disease, and how these people are not alone because the quilt represents three entities that are involved for every name placed on it. It intrigues me how so many people support this quilt, and how much it means to have something like a quilt to represent the ones that may have been affected by HIV, and the healing powers it likely embodies for those that care about it.  The quilt memorializes and shows love to those affected by this disease in a way that works perfectly. It shows support for those with the disease and shows a hope of cultural activism for those who judge the afflicted. It also represents material culture and the desire to have an object to represent the feelings of a group, and what a symbolically perfect way to do it.

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