What I find interesting: Haltman

Haltman describes relationships to objects, and how describing how objects make us feel can change our relationship with the object, make us grow closer to it. On page 7 of the reading , Haltman states “The point is to begin to recognize the ways in which an object has created its effect. These more emotional deductions serve as a bridge to speculations about meaning.” This description of objects shows that when you think of how a certain object affects you, it becomes easier to see what it could mean to a culture, group of people, or an individual. Basically, when you want to decide what an object means to a culture, look at what it means to people emotionally, and how it makes them feel. One page 10, Haltman states “we begin with the premise that in objects there can be read essential evidence of unconscious and conscious attitudes and beliefs, some specific to those objects original makers and users as individuals, others latent in the larger cultural miliens in which those objects circulated.” This quote reveals that objects mean different things to different people, specific to how those people used them, how they made them feel, or even the time period in which they use these objects. Objects evoke different feelings in different people, therefore they mean different things and represent different emotions in those that empathize with the objects.

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