Bon Voyage, Tom: Part 3

The Broadway Cares/ Equity Fights Aids foundation is a foundation for AIDS which specifically supports those with the disease that are involved in theater and art. The Broadway Cares foundation is organization which Tom Bade was personally involved with as he developed close ties to the theater community throughout his life (Muri). The Broadway Cares mission statement aims to mitigate the suffering of those with HIV/Aids using the unique abilities of those involved in entertainment. Tom’s idea painting portraits of those affected with the disease directly aligns with this mission statement as his unique ability directly influenced the lives of those affected in a positive manner. Another piece of the mission statement is to provide direct support to those suffering with HIV/AIDS and other disease within the entertainment industry. They have done that with a program called the actors fund, which has donated over $5.6 million to those in the entertainment industry affected by the disease (Muri). Along with the actors fund,  another program ran by Broadway Cares is the National Grants Fund which has donated over $6.8 million to Aids and family service organizations in 50 states, including Puerto Rico. These donations are designed to cover the cost of necessities such as food, counseling, social services, financial assistance, community support, healthcare and life saving medications (Muri).