Tom Bado’s full memorial panel.

Birds like on the corners of Tom’s panel

Colorful letters with patterns spelling Tom’s name. Puffy clouds are scattered around the panel. 1946-2005 inscribed at bottom of the panel. Airplanes and Bon Voyage written on the panel. Sun at top of the panel. Two birds on right and left between the dates on bottom and between Tom’s name at top- the four corners of the panel. This was created in 2005 when Tom Bado died from AIDS. It is created colorful and bright as that is the impact that those who knew Tom believed that he made. The quilt is made with 3 different pieces of cotton material all sewn together. It was created to memorialize the impact Tom Bado made on those around him and the world.

Panel has a sun, clouds and airplane making me feel the panel is supposed to be set in the air. Bon Voyage Tom gives a feeling of a positive, airborne send off. Birds in the four corners give an even more airborne feel. Colorful letters and patterns give the panel a positive feel. Airplane makes me wonder how he was related to planes, what his job was. Clouds in panel give both positive and negative emotions, as the panel makes it clear he loved the air, but also could represent clouds over his life.

Constructed from cotton panels seen together, three cotton pieces could represent the three entities needed to pass along the aids virus. Two pieces representing the two people needed, as well as one piece representing the virus being passed along. The brightness and colors represent the positivity and radiance those that knew tom felt he represented. The planes represent toms love for flying and the hope that Tom is still flying in heaven, spreading his radiance and love. The creators added all these elements to represent Tom and the life that he lived.

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