Reading Response 1; Haltman

Prownian analysis and What Is a Machete, Anyway?, are two readings that go hand in hand regarding the ways that humans analyze objects and the ways that analyzing readings can benefit culture and individual opinions on objects. Haltman states that “While only some of culture takes material form, the part that does records the shape and imprint of otherwise more abstract, conceptual, or even metaphysical aspects of that culture that they quite literally embody.” (Haltman). This directly relates to what is said in the Machete reading “The machete bears an unusual character. It’s possible to conceive of it as a weapon, yes, but it’s also very much a tool — not altogether different from, say, a shovel.” (Cline). In culture, different objects embody different things to people when they observe them, depending on personal experience, the ideas shared between them and their peers, and the most practical uses for the lifestyle that person may be living. For a Haitian local, a machete may be viewed just as a tool, a way to get fruit, get past trees and other obstacles, etc. While a boy from the suburbs who only needs to go the grocery store for food, sees machetes as nothing more than a weapon, a very large knife used to injure and maim. The same object varies so greatly between to groups of people it is astounding, all based off of life experiences, how the object is viewed by there peers, and the personal analysis put together in the head of the perceiver. An object can mean so much to cultures, and in many different ways, all purely based on the Prownian analysis that Haltman suggests. Simply doing these annotations and thinking of all the different items that can represent so much to many different cultures. An iPhone could be a symbol of wealth in the United States, while in Syria where they dont allow access to the internet easily, it could be a symbol for freedom, a power against the government that is oppressing them.