Reading Response 2; [Rengold] (Annotations)


Rheingold puts forth many useful and applicable tips on how to get the best information possible when you are searching through the internet. The first thing he suggests is to be skeptical when you are looking for information on the internet, as although it is on the internet that does not in fact make it true. Rheingold emphasizes the importance of skepticism throughout his paper on being net smart. Triangulating information is another tactic that rheingold harps on throughout his paper on being net smart. Rheingold states that if you are looking for a good way to make sure information is credible, check the author, and what other authors of information are saying about that author, in order to deduce whether its credible or not. Triangulating information involves finding three authors that you believe are credible and checking whether they agree on the information being presented to you by a certain website or author. Triangulating information highly relates to my supplemental text, as social media is heavily involved in how terrorists recruit. On social media, finding three credible sources and triangulating information is a good way to ensure you are reading true information. If you were to triangulate some of the information that terrorist organizations are giving you throughout the internet, you would come back with clear results as to how incredible this information is. This supplemental text speaks on how mainstream media affects social media, and if mainstream media amplifies the terrorists messages, people may seek them out on social media, which puts emphasis on rheingolds point that on the internet you must think for yourself. Almost all of the information we consume is somehow construed and Rheingold suggests you protect yourself from media the most by taking everything with a grain of salt.